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From left to right: Flashing Lights (mezcal, amontillado sherry, cinnamon, grapefruit); Gold Note (aquavit, yellow chartreuse, clarified pineapple); Espresso martini (vodka, coffee liqueur, fresh espresso from Coffee Down Under) Gerard + Belevender

Yes, your Grandma has long been on Instagram. We know we’re late, but we’re showing up to the party.

Please, head on over to the official Eater Detroit Instagram account and follow us for up-to-date dining news, tasty dishes, and swoon-worth drinks around the city and its ‘burbs.

As restaurants continue reopening, we’ll be using our Instagram account to highlight the city’s buzziest new restaurants and cuisine, and share the best destinations for seafood boils, fried chicken sandwiches, coney dogs, and everything else to love about Detroit’s food scene. And because we’re still in a pandemic, we’ll be highlighting who and what is still cooking in home kitchens.

Please tag your best food photos with #EaterDetroit (like you already were doing while waiting for us) and we’ll consider sharing them to the account. If you’ve got opinions about the city’s dining scene, chime in on the comments over on Instagram.

Thanks so much for your continued support! See you there.