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This Local Food Delivery Service Wants to Be Detroit’s Alternative to Third-Party Apps

Peddler is expanding to feature products from small businesses like Bon Bon Bon and Mongers’ Provisions with home delivery for as little as $1

A yellow delivery van with the peddler logo, a jack rabbit, on the side.
Peddler begins accepting orders on Wednesday, November 4.
Peddler [Courtesy image]

A locally owned food and beverage delivery service, is expanding to help give small businesses an alternative to major third-party delivery apps like Grubhub and Uber Eats. Peddler, the delivery service formerly known as Wing It, aims to be a one-stop marketplace for an expansive selection of local products.

Following the pandemic closures of its taprooms in March, Ferndale Project and sibling brewery Eastern Market Brewing Company launched the delivery service as a way to get its food and beer to customers without employing third-party apps that eat into small businesses’ sales. The brewery owners made a big initial investment in several branded delivery vehicles. Drivers sometimes wearing costumes not only delivered smiles, but also a variety of items including beer from both Eastern Market Brewing and Ferndale Project, ASHE Supply Company coffee, Detroit-style pizza, and wings.

The quick transition to online sales, curbside pickup, and delivery helped the businesses navigate the first few months of the pandemic and preserve jobs. Over the past few months, the beer delivery service has seen continued growth and expansion, filling a gap in the local market.

“We spoke to countless other local entrepreneurs who were looking for new avenues to sell handcrafted goods to their customers,” Shamus Cook, president and co-founder of Peddler, tells Eater. “We want Peddler to be an online artisanal marketplace with locally crafted products that can be delivered to consumers’ doorsteps.”

Peddler’s online delivery service launches Wednesday, November 4. Goods can be viewed and purchased at the company website. The new, expanded delivery platform will continue to offer beer as well as a larger selection of products from Mongers Provisions, Bon Bon Bon, ASHE Supply Co, Slow Jams, Beau Bien Fine Foods, Tov Bagel, Nakee Butter, Eastern Market Brewing Company, Ferndale Project, and a few others. Peddler plans to introduce one to two new purveyors and goods onto the site each week. For companies wishing to join the online marketplace, the link at the bottom of the website will allow interested parties to reach out and potentially partner with Peddler.

“After talking to many of the local business owners, we quickly discovered many of them were struggling with the logistics and infrastructure to deliver their products on a scale that made financial sense,” says Cook. “By partnering with Peddler, small businesses can reach a large audience while getting products delivered right to consumers’ doorsteps. Our goal is to be able to provide the marketplace and delivery infrastructure to help our partners weather the pandemic and beyond.”

All deliveries will be $1 with a minimum purchase order of $20. Deliveries will extend 15 miles from Peddler’s headquarters, housed in the Ferndale Project location, with evening delivery drops seven days a week in the following counties (orders may be placed between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. on the day of delivery):

  • Monday: Kent County
  • Tuesday: Washtenaw and Jackson
  • Wednesday: Oakland and Genesee
  • Thursday: Macomb and Saint Claire
  • Friday: Wayne and Monroe
  • Saturday: Kalamazoo
  • Sunday: Ingham, Eaton, and Livingston

“We’re thrilled for the opportunity to partner with other local businesses while delivering their products in a safe and convenient manner. We feel we can fill a gap in the marketplace for locally sourced products,” Cook says.

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Ferndale Project

567 Livernois, , MI 48220 (313) 513-2200 Visit Website

Bon Bon Bon

5 Nickels Arcade, , MI 48104 (734) 369-8558 Visit Website

Beau Bien Fine Foods

2478 Riopelle Street, , MI 48207 Visit Website

ASHE Supply Co

225 Jos Campau, , MI 48207 Visit Website