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Where to Eat on Campus at Michigan State University

From grab-and-go snacks to MSU-themed cookies

Serena Maria Daniels is the editor for Eater Detroit.

College towns like East Lansing already benefit from offering its student population a plethora of bars, restaurants, cafes, and other gathering places. But what about those times when venturing off-campus isn’t always possible? Aside from coming up with ramen hacks in student housing or perusing your nearest vending machines, just know that at Michigan State University, options for food and drink abound.

The variety of dining on the sprawling 5,300-acre campus is vast, with more than 30 places on-site, ranging from quick, grab-and-go cafes and food courts, to full-service dining halls. Students living in the residential halls can access on-site dining halls, but for the rest of the campus community, here’s a little cheatsheet featuring some of the go-to spots to fuel up and get you through semester.

Michigan State University

Food Courts

Crossroads Food Court: Fujisan Sushi, Panda Express, Woody’s Oasis, Subway. [Where to find: International Center]

Union Food Court: Strange Matter Coffee, Sparty’s Express [Where to find: MSU Union]


The Sparty’s mini-mart locations include grab-and-go items and are located through the campus.

Sparty’s Cafe: [Where to find: Case Hall, Hubbard Hall, Brody Hall]

Sparty’s Express: [Where to find: Vet Med, Hannah Admin, Wonders, MSU Union]

Sparty’s Refresh: [Where to find: Biomedical Sciences, McDonel Hall, Holden Hall, Owen Hall, Snyder Hall]


Sparty’s Market: This full-service supermarket features prepared meals, grocery staples, beverages, and personal care products. [Where to find: 1855 Place, 500 S. Harrison Road]


State Room Restaurant: Find a fine dining experience at this destination situated inside the Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center. Grab-and-go breakfast and à la carte lunch and dinner options. Reservations are available, as well as walk-ins, and hotel guests can place orders for pick up. Parking is also free to customers. [Where to find: Kellogg Center]

Panera: Grab a sandwich, one of those bread bowls of soup, baked goods, and more from this fast-casual chain. [Where to find: Minskoff Pavilion]

The Workshop: Located within the STEM Teaching and Learning Facility — formerly the Shaw Lane Power Plant — this space incorporates components of much of its previous industrial life into its design. Customers can grab a breakfast sandwich, pastries, paninis, and bottled beverages. [Where to find: STEM Teaching and Learning Facility]

Starbucks: [Where to find: 1855 Place, 500 S. Harrison Road]

MSU Bakers: Need a little something extra for the big pep rally? Or maybe some breakfast options for that early morning meeting? Place orders for bagels, cakes, decorated Rice Crispy Treats, MSU-themed cookies, and coffee. Customers are asked to place orders no later than 11 p.m. three business days prior to pick-up or delivery and there is a $5 delivery fee. [Where to find: 220 Service Road]

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