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DETROIT - OCTOBER 13: The Maccabees Building (Wayne Tower) at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan on October 13, 2017. (Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images). Getty Images

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A Student’s Guide to Eating on Campus at Wayne State University

There’s more than boring cafeteria food at this Detroit-style university

Serena Maria Daniels is the editor for Eater Detroit.

Commuter campuses do not get all the love they deserve. They’re often discounted as being of lesser prestige than the flagship universities. They’re the safety schools, where you go when you don’t want to move out of your parents’ house. But visit Wayne State University, situated in the center of Detroit’s Midtown neighborhood, and it’s a different story.

The dining options on campus are a reflection of being located in the middle of a major city like Detroit. Eclectic cafes, casual restaurants, and even popular chains are making their home at WSU. Take a look at some of the action on Anthony Wayne Drive, for example. Home to the newly constructed Anthony Wayne Apartments, the adjoining courtyard is sure to become a hot spot for hungry students looking for places to satisfy their hungers after long study sessions.

While nothing beats a chance to explore all that the city of Detroit has to offer with areas like Corktown, the Avenue of Fashion, Eastern Market, and Dearborn not far, when you just can’t afford to be too far away from the library, there are plenty of ways to eat well on campus. Note that the fall schedule resumes August 25. Be sure to check out the WSU Dining Services website for updates.

New Options

Just about as exciting as reuniting with BFFs after a long summer vacation is checking out all that’s changed on campus. Among them, the Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments at 5235 Anthony Wayne Drive houses hundreds of students, but also houses several new dining options. An adjoining courtyard features a handful of new food and drink places.

Beyond Juicery + Eatery: Situated at 5211 Anthony Wayne Drive, stop by for freshly-made smoothies, bottled juices, and a variety of wraps and other grab-and-go snacks.

Haraz Coffee House: Coming soon, another location for this growing Yemeni coffee chain. Several outposts for this popular cafe are already available in metro Detroit, including nearby campus at 119 Garfield St. Stop by with a haraz-spiced coffee, a pistachio latte, or a slice of milk cake.

Insomnia Cookies: The first Detroit location for this chain bakehouse is situated on campus at 5171 Anthony Wayne Drive. Load up on a box of classic-to-fancy cookies on your way to the study session, and you’ll ace the snack test.

Leo’s Coney Island: Because grabbing a coney dog and chili cheese fries shouldn’t require a trip to the other side of town. Leo’s at 5151 Anthony Wayne Drive offers a casual, all-day diner environment for big breakfasts, pita wraps, and Greek salads.

Uncle Joe’s Chicken Fingers: Pick up a basket of made-to-order chicken fingers, house-made sauces, jumbo shrimp, Texas toast, and more from this regional chain at 5215 Anthony Wayne Drive.

7-Eleven: For when you really need a bag of chips, a Slurpee, maybe some toilet paper, oh, and those crispy little taquitos. At 3 a.m. This 24/7 location at 5220 Anthony Wayne Drive is just what’s needed when a munchies or dorm room emergency strikes.

DETROIT - OCTOBER 13: Wayne State University cafe and bookstore in Detroit, Michigan on October 13, 2017. (Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images). Getty Images

Campus Dining by Location

Student Center Food Court: Situated in the center of campus, stop by here to hang with friends, find a quiet corner to study, and of course, locate some refreshments. Starbucks, Panda Express, and Taco Bell are all constants in the food court. 5221 Gullen Mall.

Gold ‘N’ Greens: Featuring vegan and vegetarian-friendly dishes, as well as a full salad bar, grilled food, and globally-inspired entrees. 695 Williams Mall.

Subway: Sandwiches, wraps, cookies, and beverages, all in one place. 655 W. Kirby.

Towers Cafe: Featuring a full salad bar, deli, brick-oven pizza, grilled items, and more. 655 W. Kirby.

The Grind: Grab-and-go items like sandwiches, breakfast, soups, salads, produce, baked goods, and everyday essentials can be found in this marketplace cafe. 5155 Gullen Mall.

The Drop: WSU has a ghost kitchen known as The Drop. The location is situated in the Student Center Building and features three options: Jack*s Burrito, Tenders Love and Chicken, and Burgers + Fries. 5221 Gullen Mall.

Midtown Market: Pick up snacks, sandwiches, grocery staples, beverages, and more from this convenience store.

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