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Nude, Raw, Chilled Carrots: Now Available For Snacking at Cafe Prince in Core City

Plus, a dog beer garden hits West Village

Some fruit with chili powder, sliced apples, figs with walnut, and two carrots from Cafe Prince in Core City, Detroit, Michigan. Cafe Prince
Serena Maria Daniels is the editor for Eater Detroit.

A newly-opened cafe in Core City boasts a health-conscious menu that includes the nutrient-rich flavors of a nude, raw, chilled... carrot — available for $1.80. Cafe Prince, owned by developer Philip Kafka in the space formerly occupied by Astro Coffee at 4884 Grant River, recently caught the attention of the local Twitter community when journalist Jena Brooker tweeted about the phenomenon.

“Detroit’s Cafe Prince is selling a raw carrot $1.80,” said Brooker in a tweet on Monday, which left users wondering if this was a belated April Fools’ Day joke or an article from the satirical Onion. It’s not a joke. In fact, the carrot appears to play a significant role in the shop’s branding, as evidenced by the small carrot yard decoration posted out front, carrots stamped onto the packaging, and a hefty, commercial-grade carrot peeling machine, which is used to individually peel each snack before it’s presented to the guest.

Other curiosities on the menu’s “Something Quick” section: the Daily Dice (two single Brazil nuts); the Ottoman Secret, another Brazil nut option in which the nut is wrapped inside a dried fig; and a date-ensconced walnut — all for $1.80. While Kafka extolls the health benefits of these snacks, longtime residents tell BridgeDetroit that the cafe fails to address the community’s need for affordable, fresh food options. For context, the nearest supermarket that sells fresh produce is University Foods about a mile away from Cafe Prince.

Kafka tells BridgeDetroit that he sources the carrots from local farms, Whole Foods, and says that the cafe’s crew recently planted more carrots across the street on property that he owns.

Dog beer garden

Soon, dogs and booze can co-exist on the east side at a new beer garden specifically designed with people’s best friend in mind. According to The Detroit News, Barkside is supposed to open late this summer at Kercheval and Van Dyke in West Village. Humans can order craft beers, cans of wine or spritzers, as well as n/a beverages from indoor and outdoor areas. Dogs will appreciate socializing — leash-free — with other canines in a park-like setting.

Dog-friendly restaurants and bars aren’t unheard of, but options are typically limited to outdoor patios where pooches are unable to stretch their legs much. Doggie boarding and daycare spot Canine to Five regularly hosts its Drinking with Dogs pop-ups in collaboration with local bars, however, those events are usually seasonal. Barkside would be the first beer garden in the city with a dog-centric approach.