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Here Are Some of the Tastiest Ways to Celebrate Lunar New Year 2023 in Metro Detroit

From dim sum and red bean buns to special pop-up events, here’s how to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit

Dumplings in a basket container set over blue and white dishes. Frame Bar

The Year of the Rabbit arrives on Jan. 22 and metro Detroiters have a number of options to celebrate the season.

It’s definitely a good time to check out the many pan Asian culinary offerings on hand in Madison Heights, where there’s a huge concentration of Vietnamese restaurants, Chinese bakeries, and supermarkets. For some unique experiences, Miss Kim in Ann Arbor and Frame Bar in Hazel Park are among the few destinations that are hosting special events.

Whether on the hunt from some traditional baked goods, the best dumplings in the region, a soothing bowl of hand-torn noodles, or bubble tea, here are some of the most intriguing offerings from around metro Detroit.

Ann Arbor: Beloved Korean restaurant Miss Kim is hosting a pair of Michigan-based chefs for a suckling pig feast, taking place at 6 p.m. on Jan. 24. are bringing back our popular monthly feasts, and the first one is going to be very special. Joining chef Ji Hye Kim will be Tony Vu of the Flint Social Club and MaMang pop-up and metro Detroit’s MyThy Huynh, whose culinary creations are regularly posted on her Mighty in Mitten Instagram account. Each chef will each present their own favorite New Year dishes from their respective Korean, Vietnamese and Chinese backgrounds. For the vegetarians, there’s an 8 p.m. seating. Tickets are $75 per person and there’s a $20 drink pairing option available. 415 N 5th Ave, Ann Arbor.

Farmington Hills: Hong Hua, the highly rated white-tablecloth establishment in Farmington Hills, is the spot for Peking duck and can be found prepared two ways: crispy with honey-glazed skin, Chinese crepes, scallions, and hoisin sauce or boneless and stir-fried with vegetables. Customers also love the honey-glazed, sliced barbecue pork. 27925 Orchard Lake Rd, Farmington Hills.

Detroit, West Bloomfield: Shangri-La is a local favorite for Cantonese cuisine, along with a selection Thai food, sushi, and dim sum. Reflective of her own heritage (born in Thailand to Chinese parents) owner Cholada “Nancy” Chan has developed her restaurant into a catch-all destination for everything from Thai-style Massaman curry to bubble tea, and roasted duck noodle soup. 4710 Cass Ave, Detroit; 6407 Orchard Lake Rd, West Bloomfield Township.

Hazel Park: Frame Bar is hosting Thai-born Chef Ava Yau of Ann Arbor’s Of Rice Men Jan. 4 through Jan. 29 who brings a fusion dim sum dining experience following her recent travels to Indonesia and Thailand, where she sharpened her culinary skills. On order, dumplings with crispy duck; fried tempeh with sambal matah; A5 wagyu nigiri served with kizami wasabi; shrimp and pork-stuffed shumai; among other a la carte specialties. Walk-ins are welcome, but reservations are also accepted. 23839 John R Rd #2, Hazel Park.

Madison Heights: QQ Bakery offers a variety of traditional Chinese pastries, from sweet red bean buns and egg tarts, to savory meat pies and hot dog buns. There is also a wide selection of bubble teas. Don’t forget to bring cash. 30941 Dequindre Rd, Madison Heights.

Madison Heights: Tai Pan Bakery is the longtime source of fresh and affordable Chinese pastries. Seek this spot out for durian pastries, taro root crispy cakes, and banana leaf-wrapped sticky rice with sausage. Bonus: This spot also serves bubble tea. Fill out a paper slip and place an order at the counter. Just don’t forget your cash. 31666 John R Rd, Madison Heights.

Madison Heights: Liang’s Oriental Barbeque is the cash-only, carryout-friendly spot that specializes on Cantonese barbecue. Drop in and pick up takeout containers filled with roasted duck, barbecued pork, and beef belly. The barbecue is hung up on display behind the counter and chopped with a huge cleaver to order. 30953 Dequindre Rd, Madison Heights.

Troy: Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit at the stalwart Mon Jin Lau Restaurant. From 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., Sunday, Jan. 29 the longtime eatery and night club will feature a prix fixe multi-course dinner, along with family-friendly entertainment. Some items that have been on offer in past dinners include a variety of sushi rolls, dumplings, peking duck lettuce wraps, orange chicken, five-spice short ribs, and more. Tickets must be purchased in advance and go for $69 for adults and $35 for children 2-10 years old. For more information, check out the Event Brite page or email 1515 E Maple Rd, Troy.

Walled Lake: Fans rave that Jeff’s Kitchen serves some of the best examples of soup dumplings around, along with other Shanghai-style specialities like blue crab and sizzling beef with vegetables. 1130 E West Maple Rd, Walled Lake.

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