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Detroit Lions Linebacker Malcolm Rodriguez Is a Fan of Southwest Detroit’s Honey Bee Market

The Lions rookie says the popular Latino-centric supermarket reminds him of his mom’s cooking back home

Single-story brick building with Honey Bee La Colmena sign in front
The exterior of Honey Bee Market in Detroit’s Hubbard Richard neighborhood.
Serena Maria Daniels
Serena Maria Daniels is the editor for Eater Detroit.

The Detroit Lions seem to be off to a promising start in its first couple of weeks back on the field, and that may have to do with the footwork of rookie linebacker Malcolm Rodriguez.

In Week 1 alone, Rodriguez has already gone viral for hip tossing Eagles center Jason Kelce, a feat that Kelce and others saying the Oklahoma native has a bright future in the big leagues. The Lions lost that first game of the season, but not before Rodriguez made that epic play.

Could Rodriguez’s upbringing on his mother’s traditional Mexican recipes have something to do with the strength and fortitude that he’s displayed thus far? The answer is a resounding, maybe?

Rodriguez explained his love for his mom’s wet burritos and homemade salsa back home in a short video posted on Twitter on Saturday as he took a tour of southwest Detroit’s venerable Honey Bee Market at 2443 Bagley St. He’s guided through the store’s popular produce section, checking out the fresh cilantro and habañeros, as well as the market’s beloved hot food bar.

“This is definitely something my mom would cook back home,” he tells store staff upon taking one bite a meaty dish.

[Disclosure: The tweet was part of a local small business promotion by Comerica Bank]

The following day, Sunday, Sept. 18, the Lions went on to win in a 36-27 victory against the Washington Commanders.

Honey Bee has been a stalwart of Detroit’s Hubbard Richard neighborhood for more than 60 years, famous for its wide variety of produce, culturally-relevant Mexican spices, cheese, and other staples, as well as its butcher’s counter feature marinated carne asada, al pastor, and fajitas.

The supermarket is a frequent destination among metro Detroiters and residents of Windor, Ontario, given the city’s proximity to Canada.

Bagley Central to Close

The stylish, jewel-toned neighborhood cocktail spot from longtime local bartender Mike Ketelhut is closings its doors for good after a three-year run. According to an Instagram post published on Thursday, Sept. 15, Ketelhut said that he was electing not to renew the partnership agreement that established the bar

Bagley Central became known for hosting indie rock shows, art exhibitions, and for its old-school video game counsels set up on tables that customers could play. The site, at 2545 Bagley, had previously been home to Our/Detroit Vodka.

Madison Heights Restaurant Week

Sunday, Sept. 18 kicked off Madison Heights Restaurant Week, a celebration to showcase the varied culinary expertise in the Oakland County city. According to The Detroit News, the program goes through Sept. 23 and features special discounts on a variety of cuisine, including tacos, pho, shawarma, and more from several participating restaurants.