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Fill Up On Delicious Baked Goods From Metro Detroit’s Top Asian American Pastry Chefs

With the Bakers Box, Detroiters can indulge in sweets from established and emerging Asian American and Pacific Islander pastry makers

Boxes of multi-colored sweets.
Bakers Box celebrates AAPI culinary professionals while raising funds for local nonprofits with 18 sweets from local chefs and bakers.
Ben Hon

Detroit’s Asian American and Pacific Islander bakers are teaming up with the national organization With Warm Welcome, a nationwide effort to amplify Asian Americans in the culinary space, to raise money for local nonprofit Rising Voices, which supports the work of Asian American organizers in Michigan. The Detroit edition will be available for pickup on July 26 at the West Village’s Marrow.

Each month, With Warm Welcome’s Bakers Box highlights Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) bakers in different cities, including in New York City, Chicago, Austin, and Philly. To date, over 200 AAPI bakers have participated.

“When considering cities for our nine-city Bakers Box tour in 2022, Detroit was top of mind. Detroit has been an evolving food destination and continues to impress, especially on the diversity front,” With Warm Welcome founder Arnold Byun says. “In that spirit, we’re proud to be able to present a pastry tasting collection that celebrates a total of 18 emerging and established home and professional bakers in the Detroit and greater Michigan area.”

Among the 18 local talents serving up a kaleidoscopic selection of sweets is Jacqueline Dino-Garcia of Isla Metro Detroit with a cashew and mango butterscotch bar, Ji Hye Kim of Miss Kim in Ann Arbor with a mini chocolate eclair, Rohani Foulkes of Folk with salty plum and coconut cake, Jessica Leung from the Shinola Hotel a summer peach linzer cookie, and a number of other up-and-coming pastry makers.

Two boxes with a total of 18 desserts run $100. Pre-orders are available via Tock, and pickups will take place only on Tuesday, July 26th at Marrow. Ten percent of proceeds will go to Rising Voices.

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