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Self-Serve Booze Now Legal in Michigan Restaurants and Bars

Customers can now pour their own alcoholic beverages


Customers at Michigan bars and restaurants will now be able to pour their own beers, wines, and pre-mixed cocktails starting immediately. On Monday, July 11, Senate Bill 656 passed, which amends the Michigan Liquor Control Code of 1998 to allow for tabletop and wall-mounted taps to be installed.

Senator Jim Runestad put together the legislation with a statement, “Michigan has one of the largest craft beer industries in the country and this bill will improve safety for Michigan consumers and our hospitality industry. Michigan can now join 45 other states that currently allow self-dispensing technology as an option for busy establishments. The technology adds additional safety measures to limit and track the amount each individual consumes and reduces the touches on each individual glass.”

In other states, self-serve alcohol usually works with a card system. Customers hand the waitstaff, bartender, or host a credit card upon arrival in exchange for self-serve card. This card keeps track of ounces poured. At the end of the visit, visitors hand back the card and settle up with the credit card on file or another payment method. In Michigan, pours for individuals are limited to 96 ounces, which equals six pints of beers.