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Mexican Village, One of the Oldest Mexican Restaurants in Michigan, Has Been Damaged in a Fire

The venerable restaurant will remain closed until further notice

A white stucco building with reddish Spanish-style shingles and two signs that say Mexican Village Restaurant
The exterior of Mexican Village Restaurant in Detroit’s Hubbard Richard neighborhood.
Serena Maria Daniels
Serena Maria Daniels is the editor for Eater Detroit.

Mexican Village Restaurant, one of the oldest Mexican dining establishments in Michigan, remains closed a day after a small fire reportedly burned the inside of the kitchen.

Signs posted on the door of the Hubbard Richard restaurant indicated that the eatery would remain closed temporarily following a small fire. Fox 2 News first reported the incident on the evening of Monday, November 28.

Eater called the restaurant’s Shelby Township location for comment and will update the story as more information becomes available.

Established in 1958 on the corner of Bagley Street and 18th, Mexican Village paved the way for other Mexican and Mexican American-owned food businesses to open on or around what was then known as Ls Bagley. The menu features many Mexican American favorites, burritos, flour flautas, filling enchilada platters, and margaritas — all set inside a Mission-revival style white stucco building.

The Shelby Township location at 47350 Van Dyke Ave. remains open.