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Home Depot Removal of All Hot Dog Stands at Michigan Stores Is a Blow to Vendors and Customers

What’s a stop at HD without hot dogs, chips, and pop?

two hot dogs in a bug with mustard Shutterstock

Doggone it, the hot dog stands at the state’s Home Depot stores are shutting down for good.

The stands had been gone since spring 2020 temporarily because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the hot dogs, Better Made, and pop don’t appear to be coming back at all.

Dolores Guzman, who worked at the hot dog stand in the Woodhaven Home Depot for nearly 12 years before buying it in 2019, told Detroit Free Press that the retailers’ move was shocking.

Her uncle, State Rep. Darrin Camilleri, asked Home Depot to reconsider its decision in a Facebook post.

“We’re devastated — especially because there was no explanation. Camilleri wrote. “That stand made my aunt so happy, and we know it made customers happy too. I hope The Home Depot reconsiders this decision.”

Hot Diggity Dog, one of the primary hot dog vendors for Home Depot in Michigan, said on Facebook that they were officially closed, and that the retailer requested that all hot dog stands close at Michigan stores. As of Tuesday afternoon, the post had nearly 9,000 shares. Thousands of customers left comments about the removal of hot dogs at the home improvement retailer.

Home Depot spokesperson Christina Cornell told the Free Press that the company wishes their food vendors the best.