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Faygo’s Limited-Edition Firework Is Sold Out in Stores, Sparking eBay and Facebook Bidding Wars

$250 for a case of pop

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A screenshot of a case of Faygo on eBay for $229.95. Screenshot

Faygo, Detroit’s iconic pop brand, introduced a new flavor to its lineup of 50 earlier this month, but it’s unlikely to be sitting on any store shelves.

The limited release of “Firework” is already sold out. Savvy entrepreneurs are offering it on Facebook Marketplace and eBay — for as much as 20 times the original price. Sellers on Facebook are hawking the 24-ounce bottles for $5 to $20 each. On eBay, a case of 24 can be had for $250.90; it’s a hot item among eBay watchers.

Faygo tells Eater that Firework will be on the production lines three times this week to meet demand and it’s adding a 20-ounce bottle to the original 24-ounce offering. The company said it intended the flavor to be a limited release but is considering making it a permanent flavor based on consumer demand.

“We’ve already outsold our summer forecast of product!” spokeswoman Dawn Burch says in an email. “We, along with our bottler, are working incredibly hard to keep up with the demand.”

The new pop is a combination of fruity and sweet with flavors of cherry, blue raspberry, and lime.” It has no caffeine and tastes exactly like the frozen Bomb Pops from the ice cream trucks of youth. There’s even an image of the frozen red-white-and-blue popsicle on the bottle.

Meanwhile, the company wants Faygo fans to consider other options. “It is important for people to remember that we still have 50 other flavors in 24 ounces that need to be produced each week to fulfill orders, too!” Burch says.

Faygo has been manufactured at 3579 Gratiot Ave. on Detroit’s east side since 1935.