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Vaccine Eligibility Opens to More Detroit Residents and People Working in the City

People 18 years and up with jobs requiring them to report to work in person within the city and Detroit residents working in the city or suburbs are now eligible for the vaccine


Adults age 18 years or older with jobs requiring them to regularly report to work in person within the city limits and Detroit residents working in the city or suburbs are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. This includes Detroit office workers, members of the media, and people working in the city’s hair and nail salons.

Detroit mayor Mike Duggan announced the expansion Monday and says the Detroit Health Department also plans to offer on-site vaccinations to companies with at least 100 employees working together in person.

In February, food service workers living or working in Detroit could begin scheduling appointments to receive both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Beginning March 22, Michigan residents age 16 years and up with high risk medical conditions or disabilities and people 50 years and older regardless of their health became eligible to receive the vaccine. High risk medical conditions considered vaccine eligible include asthma, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, and obesity (BMI 30 and above).

On Monday, April 5, the vaccine pool opens up further to previously ineligible Michigan residents age 16 years and older.

This latest eligibility expansion from city of Detroit comes after the mayor on Monday reported the deaths of eight city residents from the virus, ranging in age from 65 to 93, as well as the death of a restaurant worker in his 40s. These COVID-19-related deaths occurred over the last two weeks as the state’s positivity rate has doubled in the last three weeks.

With the possible return of thousands of office workers to the city, the recent increase in indoor dining capacity, and the city’s positivity rate more than doubling in the last 10 days, vaccination of Detroit’s restaurant industry workers has now become paramount. Some restaurants around metro Detroit are once again voluntarily closing due to positive COVID-19 cases among the staff.

Eligible Detroit residents and employees should call (313) 230-0505 to schedule an appointment. Vaccinations take place at the TCF Center downtown.

Michigan residents seeking vaccine information or to register for a vaccine appointment should visit Check local health departments, hospitals, and pharmacies for vaccine appointments.