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11 Detroit Pumpkin Spice Beverages That Live Up to the Hype

The season is here. Get into the seasonal fascination with booze, coffee, tea, or with an ice cream addition (vegan too!)

A hand holds the pumpkin vegan shake in a plastic cup topped with whip and sprinkles. It has two plastic straws sticking out from it. Grandma Bob’s

Pumpkin spice isn’t just for lattes. Love it or hate pumpkin spice, Detroit coffee shops, meaderies, breweries, tea shops, bars, ice cream parlors, and cafes all are leaning in to the seasonal hype. It’s a representation of autumn that’s as significant as the emblematic changing of leaves.

Here are a few of this fall’s sweetest and spiciest drinks in Detroit.

Pumpkin spice mead — B. Nektar

B. Nektar stands out in the local hub of meaderies for its unfussy, come-as-you are aesthetic. Pumpkin spice mead is made from a pumpkin spice syrup that’s added to a keg of mead. There’s only one, so move quickly.

Pumpkin latte — Anthology Coffee

Anthology has a pumpkin latte as part of its seasonally rotating menu. The pumpkin latte is actually made with kabocha squash, not squash, but plenty of spices ensure it doesn’t matter.

Elntra en Ontoño — BARDA

A bottle of Kentucky straight Elijah Craig whiskey next to a glass of the old-fashioned mixed with pumpkin spice, on the rocks Roger Fruin

BARDA, Detroit’s Argentinian restaurant, has crafted an Elijah Craig fall-spiced riff on the old-fashioned, embracing the spice but substituting the pumpkin with a dehydrated spiced apple slice. Funds from the sales of this drink will be donated to the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation.

Pumpkin spiced frozen Irish coffee — The Skip

The Skip, the open-air cocktail bar with island vibes in downtown’s Belt Alley, has brought back a seasonal favorite — its take on the traditional frozen Irish coffee, a longtime staple of the slushie machines.

Pumpkin chai — Eli Tea

A vegan pumpkin butter with flaxseeds, that tastes almost like a pumpkin bread, is layered on the bottom of spiced chai. The tasty treat can be served warm or over ice.

Honey pumpkin spice latte — Folk

The honey pumpkin spice latter is made with wildflower honey and Folk’s own pumpkin spice blend. It’s available hot or iced, with a choice of milk, or with an extra shot (or two) for a burst of energy. Cozy up with this drink and a pastry on Folk’s outside patio.

Pumpkin spice beer — Atwater

Munich dark malt lends a walnut-like flavor profile, balanced by honey malt and Melanoidin Malt. Pumpkin spice and coffee extracts provide the right flavor for the season. It’s available at any of their locations and in stores.

Boozy vegan pumpkin shake — Grandma Bob’s

Grandma Bob’s is known for its handmade pizza. They go nicely with a boozy vegan pumpkin shake, topped with vegan whip and vegan sprinkles. It’s perfect to share with a friend or enjoy solo.

Pumpkin custard — Huddle

Pumpkin frozen custard soft serve with graham cracker toppings is returning to the downtown ice cream stand. Follow its Instagram page to know when it’s back.

Vegan pumpkin ice cream tacos — Cold Truth

Cold Truth Soft Serve is rolling out pumpkin ice cream tacos with candied pecan in a gluten-free oat taco shell, pumpkin, and sweeee CREEM as the season changes. It’s also serving pumpkin shakes and a variety of vegan pumpkin offerings.

Spooky spice latte — Coffee Down Under

This Australian-style coffee bar makes a pumpkin spice latte with a double shot of humbler espresso and steamed milk. The syrup is homemade with real pumpkin.