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Wedding Day Photos Over Footlongs at Subway

For couple who met the fast-food restaurant, sandwiches are on the menu for their big day. Say ‘cheese’!

Three shots of the couple posing with sandwiches and a drink
Zach Williams and Julie Buschart celebrated their first anniversary of dating at Subway
Courtesy of Zach Williams and Julie Buschart

Like many couples, Zack Williams and Julie Buchart are getting married this weekend. Their wedding shots, however, will be at a Subway, courtesy of the fast-food restaurant where they met in 2017.

Subway will help the couple ham it up for the cameras, with a photo session that includes a Subway-wrapped convertible so the bride and groom can roll up in delicious style. The fast-food chain also will deliver another gift to the reception: the couple’s favorite Subway sandwiches (a footlong split into an Italian BMT and a ham and American cheese) along with Subway cookies for a “late-night bite” for the 200 guests. (The couple will also serve filet medallions, chicken coq a vin blanc, and eggplant parmesan.)

On a fortuitous December day in 2017, Buchart and her mom popped into a Subway on Five Mile Road in Livonia for lunch. When they walked in, Mom spotted Williams across the dining room. As moms do, she started nudging her daughter, pointing out how handsome the man was. Williams ate his sub and left but Mom chased him down in the parking lot to give him Julie’s number. He called Julie about a half-hour later — she was cheesing, of course — and the rest is history.