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Vegan Comfort Food Outfit Street Beet Is Opening Full-Time in Cass Corridor

The team is officially taking over the kitchen inside 3rd Street Bar

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Vegan crunch wraps from a Street Beet Taco Hell pop-up. sit on a counter next to an open Tecate at PJ’s Lager House.
Vegan crunch wraps from a Street Beet Taco Hell pop-up.
Michelle and Chris Gerard
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After a successful six-week fall pop-up inside 3rd Street Bar, Street Beet owners Nina Paletta and Meghan Shaw are taking their next steps towards opening a full-scale restaurant. Beginning on Thursday, February 6, Street Beet will be opening five days a week as a counter service restaurant inside the popular Cass Corridor bar, serving some of the greatest hits from their past menus with a fraction of the wait time.

Street Beet gained a cult following for its vegan comfort food pop-ups going back to 2018. Their blockbuster hit series was a vegan riff on Taco Bell called Taco Hell. It eventually spun off into other successful brand spoofs such as Kentucky Fake Chicken, McDaddy’s, Lil Babies, and Trendy’s.

But managing a pop-up wasn’t easy. Wait times for the sold out series regularly ballooned at times to more than 2 hours per order. Paletta and Shaw had clearly found a niche; however, the logistics of running one-night-a-month events out of bars was unsustainable and the pair began to look for other options to grow the business. “We were tired of transporting our stuff all the time and dealing with the uncertainty of pop-ups,” Paletta tells Eater.

Last fall, the pair attempted to crowdfund for a full-scale Street Beet restaurant, but didn’t meet their goal. Rather than compromise their vision for a Street Beet storefront with a bar and a nicely designed space, the pair looked for other opportunities. In November, Street Beet did a trial run as a weekends-only outpost of Kentucky Fake Chicken inside 3rd Street Bar, where they piloted new service formats and worked to bring down food prep and wait times.

Like Dangerously Delicious Pies before them, Street Beet will serve a full menu for the foreseeable future out of 3rd Street with counter service and food runners. Paletta and Shaw have expanded their staff from eight to 18 part-time employees to meet the needs of the restaurant.

On the menu, customers can expect Street Beet favorites like the fake chicken sandwich and Supreme Crunchywrap. There’s also a few new additions such as loaded french fries, a phony cheesesteak, and a party melt (the restaurant’s meatless riff on a patty melt). Shaw and Paletta are also resurrecting the filet no fish sandwich from their McDaddy’s pop-up. The faux “fish” will also be available as a vegan fish and chips option. For dessert there’s a brownie with ice cream. Many of the options are gluten-free, soy-free, and nut-free for customers with allergies.

In addition to the dine-in menu, patrons will also be able to order Street Beet as carryout and through online orders. Take a peek at the menu below.

Street Beet Menu

Street Beet is located inside 3rd Street Bar at 4626 3rd Ave.; opening February 6 with hours from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. Thursday through Saturday and Monday; noon to 9 p.m. on Sunday.

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