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Nepalese Dumpling Vendor Joins Detroit Shipping Company

Look for Momo Cha this spring

Two boats of steamed momos on a metal tray. One set of momos is topped with a bright orange chutney.

Shipping container food hall Detroit Shipping Company will add Momo Cha to its lineup this spring. Momo Cha will serve Nepalese dumplings (momos) and snacks. Chef Anjani Lama has 25 years of experience cooking Nepalese and Indian food.

A draft of the menu is here:

Choose your protein:
Chicken / Pork / Veg**

Choose your prep:
Steamed / Pan-fried / Deep-Fried

Choose your chutney:
Tomato Cilantro** / Roasted Soybean and Sesame** / Mint Cilantro*

Choose Size:
Snack: 4 momos / $5 Meat / $4.50 Veg
Meal: 8 Momos / $9 Meat / $8 Veg

Chicken Choila
Served with crunchy rice and fresh veggies / $8

French Fry Chaat* $6

Seasonal Mixed Veg** $5

Dal Bhat: Veg Curry $10 ** / Meat Curry $12
Sekuwa: 2 Skewers served with veggies and crunchy rice / $11*Vegetarian

Look for Momo Cha to open this spring in the Detroit Shipping Company.

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