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Lobster Roll Week
Michelle and Chris Gerard

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Scenes From the Lobster Roll Mayhem at Mudgie’s Deli

Bring on the crustaceans

Mudgie’s Deli’s Lobstah Week is back in full swing starting today with lines out the door for the coveted Maine lobster-filled rolls. The annual one-week event kicks off today and runs through July 28.

Owner Greg Mudge says the restaurant has 2,000 pounds of lobster scheduled for the week. “We can’t push our supplier any further than what we’re pushing them,” he tells Eater. He says it’s enough to make 8,000 rolls “Last year we sold close to 7,000 and we ran out every day.”

The kitchen assembles the sandwiches using rolls from The Golden Wheat in Hamtramck, lettuce, dill, celery, chives, and knuckle and claw meat tossed in mayo. The recipe stays the same from year to year, and the queues are usually long.

Mudge encourages customers to use the nowait app to avoid the wait.

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