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Chef Brandon Zarb Leaves Public House, Imperial

He’s getting out of the restaurant business

Chef Brandon Zarb

Executive chef Brandon Zarb announced his departure from Working Class Outlaws’ restaurants Public House and Imperial in an email sent to the media. The email reads:

After 3 extraordinary years I’m sad to announce that Friday, August 3rd will be my last day at the helm of Public House and Imperial. I’m immensely grateful for the talented teams I have worked with and learned from over the last several years.

At this point in my career I’m ready for a new chapter, and an opportunity to give back to the community that has so deeply supported me.

I’m incredibly thrilled about a new position I’ve accepted at Rising Stars Academy where I’ll be working with special needs students to provide them the cooking and social skills needed to become gainfully employed in the foodservice industry. I’ve been fortunate enough to witness how founders Mark and Deb Prentiss are changing lives every day. I’ve always been drawn to teaching and mentoring, and in the face of an industry wide labor shortage I am so excited to bring my passion for cooking to an organization that helps both the local community and local restaurants.

I wish everyone involved with Public House and Imperial the best of luck and I’m confident they’ll continue to grow and elevate with their amazing staff members.

Thank you

The email does not discuss what will become of Antihero, the forthcoming restaurant that Zarb was associated with earlier this year.

Public House Owners Plot New Restaurant, Antihero, in Ferndale [ED]