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River Bistro Nixes Weekday Service

Plus other news from the food and beverage world

honey spiced fried chicken Facebook/River Bistro

BRUNCHWIRE — Caribbean/Lowcountry restaurant River Bistro announced it would discontinue its weekday and takeout service to dedicate the kitchen to catering and weekend brunch. The press release stated, “What’s at play here is recognizing Chef [Maxcel] Hardy’s opportunities for special events and corporate catering vastly exceeded the number of customers visiting the River Bistro during the week.” [EaterWire]

INDIANA — Forthcoming Indiana-based brewery Lakeville Brew Crew is in the news for announcing that its upcoming beers would have tone-deaf names like Flint Michigan Tap Water, Black Beer Matters, White Guilt, and Mass Graves. Media outlets and social media immediately let the brewery know that it would be a terrible, terrible idea to try to profit off of current tragedies — even if it was under the guise of “bringing attention.” [The Takeout]

LANSING — Two business groups want to stop the raise of Michigan’s minimum wage to $12. Michigan Opportunity says the bill will harm restaurant workers and questions the constitutionality of it. Small Business for a Better Michigan claims signatures for the bill are fraudulent. [Detroit News]