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Detroit Restaurants and Bars Join the Straw-Free Movement

Who’s on the list?

Otus Supply

Many cities have passed, or are in the process of passing, resolutions and all-out straw bans — particularly in areas near the coasts, where plastic waste tends to be more visible. In an effort to reduce plastics in landfills (and beyond), Detroit restaurants and bars are joining in on the movement toward a strawless food and beverage community.

Here’s a few that Eater Detroit found:

Otus Supply owner Thom Bloom says his new American restaurant has “dramatically cut down on straw usage to to almost zero and have gone to reusable cleanable straws when needed.”

MGM Resorts International, which runs several restaurants in Detroit, will only serve straws upon request.

— Vegetarian eatery The Clean Plate announced, “We’ve recently switched from bio-based biodegradable plastic straws to Aardvark Paper Drinking Straws which are even more environmentally friendly.”

One-Eyed Betty’s will completely eliminate plastic straws from the restaurant and are currently looking for alternatives.

— Beer bar and gastropub HopCat switched to compostable straws several years ago, but customers still have to ask for one if they want one.

Eater National even interviewed Frita Batidos chef and owner Eve Aronoff about the movement at her Cuban restaurant:

.. Aronoff says she originally offered paper straws when the restaurant opened in 2010, but “discontinued them because they would get soggy when placed into liquid.” Now, the restaurant offers a choice of compostable plastic or paper straws. Aronoff says wheat and pasta straws are “more durable, but both have a subtle but distinctive flavor we aren’t looking for.”

Know of a restaurant getting rid of the straw? Let us know.

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