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Tequila Bar Sets Sights on Former Casey’s Pub Space in Corktown

Toma Detroit is teasing tequila, mezcal, and Latin food

A tequila bar called Toma Detroit appears to be taking over the space between Bobcat Bonnie’s and the Maltese American Benevolent Society in Corktown.
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Brenna Houck is a Cities Manager for the Eater network. She previously edited Eater Detroit and reported for Eater. You can follow her on the internet at @brennahouck.

A new tequila bar called Toma Detroit appears to be moving into the building formerly home to Casey’s Pub and Red Corridor in Corktown. Although it’s still under construction with placeholder text, the bar’s website bills it as specializing in “tequila, mezcal, and Latin food.”

Representatives for the bar declined multiple requests for comment regarding the upcoming project; however, Toma’s social media accounts provide slightly more detail on the project including an announcement that they signed a letter of intent to fill the former at Casey’s building at 1830 Michigan Ave. in Detroit in June and received the keys to the building a little under a week ago.

The owners appear to be tied to Southwest Detroit-owned spirits brand Tequila Cabresto, based on posts to Toma’s social media accounts and public records. Searches for the Toma Detroit business entity filing through the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs turned up two listings for Toma. An earlier listing refers to the company as “Cabresto Tasting Room LLC,” while a more recent filing from May 2018 lists the business entity as “Toma Detroit LLC.”

The group also recently won $5,000 in a competition through TechTown’s Retail Boot Camp. Eddie Vargas, a former general manager at El Barzon and La Noria, appears to be involved in the project. Vargas had previously worked with the owners of short-lived Grand Circus Park Mexican restaurant Norte.

Toma’s social accounts tease options like flan with mango and agave syrup and cocktails.

Tequila Cabresto is based out of Jalisco, Mexico and owned by the Lopez family who also run Lopez Tires. If Toma turns out to be a Tequila Cabresto tasting room, it would be a first for the brand which is popular throughout many of Detroit’s best bars. It would also be one of only a few places specializing in mezcal and tequila in the metro area. The timeline for Toma Detroit is still unclear, but expect updates as more details are released.

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Toma Detroit

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