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Urbanrest Brewing Co. Is Planning to Make a Whole Lot More Beer by This Summer

And other food world intel

FERNDALE — Maker of both beer and kombucha Urbanrest Brewing Company looks to be expanding its brewing operations. The microbrewery announced on Instagram (see above) that it has acquired 1,200 gallons of new fermentation tanks, alongside more serving tanks (used to put beer or other brewed substances into pressure-sealed containers like bottles and kegs), more kombucha fermenters, and more kegs. For the average beer or kombucha drinker, that means a whole lot more variety should be on the way in terms of Urbanrest’s offerings. The brewery noted that it’s aiming to have 18 taps on offer by the end of June this year, a big increase from just four on-tap offerings it started out with in 2015. There are still no plans for Urbanrest to get into distributing its beer, so the soon-to-be-developed brews will presumably be offered only at the taproom.

WYANDOTTE — Time to consider heading downriver for a meal or two, as Wyandotte Restaurant Week is on the way again this year, running from Saturday April 7 to Saturday April 14. The Metro Times confirms that at least eight establishments are participating (and likely more), and they’ll offer multi-course meals for $20.

ANN ARBOR (AND BEYOND) — The University of Michigan goes up against Chicago’s Loyola University on Saturday night in the NCAA final four, and in anticipation, the Detroit News spoke to some go-to bars for watching the game. The lesson to take away? Be very organized and have a back-up plan if you’re planning on heading out to see it at a bar: Ann Arbor bar Haymaker reportedly had a waiting list to get seated for last weekend’s game as early as two hours before it started.

Urbanrest Brewing Company

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