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Where to Eat at Comerica Park, Home of the Detroit Tigers

So much more than peanuts and Cracker Jack

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It’s that time of the year again: time for overpriced bags of peanuts, mile high daiquiri cups, hot dogs, and Detroit Tigers baseball. This season at Comerica Park, fans can expect the old faithfuls alongside a brand new lineup of stadium concessions ranging from coney dog egg rolls to Beyond Burgers to french onion fries to deep-fried zeppole doughnuts. Find all the essential details on this year’s ballpark foods below and don’t forget to visit Curbed for tips on parking and stadium attractions.

New Menu Options

Each year Comerica Park fans are clobbered with a whole new lineup of stadium foods — some better than others. Falling into the category of “novelty” items for 2019 are the coney dog-stuffed egg rolls, slab bacon banh mi, and boozy ice cream bars. Refreshingly, there’s also quite a few new vegetarian options being peddled at concession stands including the Beyond Burger at Big Cat Court and a salad in a jar at the stadium’s Grab and Go kiosk. There’s even Guernsey Ice Cream. Here’s the full list of this year’s newcomers.

The carousel at Comerica Park is located near Big Cat Court in section 119.
Mark Cunningham /Getty Images
  • Coney Dog Egg Rolls: Last year, Tigers fans saw the rise of the dessert egg roll at Comerica Park. This year, the cook’s have gone savory with an egg roll stuffed with hot dogs, chili, mustard, and onions. It’s an ode to a Detroit classic and not a bad option for ballpark food, either. [Where to find: Big Cat Court near Gate A, Midtown]*
  • Beyond Burger: Faux meat patties are all the rage right now and this hockey puck like option is now served with the traditional lettuce, tomato, onions, and pickles with a side of french fries at Comerica Park. There’s also a “bowl” version for those who want to skip the bun. It’s served like a salad with veggies and pickle balsamic dressing. [Where to find: Big Cat Court near Gate A, Corktown]
  • French Onion Burger: This “fancy” burger option is served with swiss cheese, caramelized onions, and zip sauce on the side with french fries. [Where to find: Big Cat Court near Gate A, Corktown]
  • Al Pastor Dog: Continuing the tradition of unconventional hot dog toppings at Comerica, this year fans can find a hot dog covered in pulled pork, pineapple relish, sriracha aioli, and cotija cheese. Why exactly it’s called an al pastor dog, but lacks actual flavorful, spit-grilled al pastor isn’t clear. [Where to find: Big Cat Court near Gate A, Downtown]
  • Banh Mi: For those who have never eaten a bahn mi, please don’t get that wonderful Viet-French sandwich confused with this Frankenstein version from Comerica Park. The folks at Delaware North Sportservice took a hot dog bun and filled it with a thick slab of bacon, shredded lettuce and cabbage called “Asian slaw,” and a drizzling of sriracha aioli. It’s like a riddle. [Where to find: Big Cat Court near Gate A, Downtown]
  • Gyro: Last year there were gyro nachos. This year, visitors at Comerica can find the classic pita wrap at the food court with gyro meat, diced tomatoes, tzatziki, and red onions on offer at Big Cat Court. [Where to find: Big Cat Court near Gate A, Greektown]*
  • Falafel: Vegetarians can find falafel sandwiches at the food court served on a pita with tomatoes, tzatziki, and red onions. There’s also a “topped falafel” option with no pita and additional black olives and cucumbers. [Where to find: Big Cat Court near Gate A, Greektown]*
  • Zeppole: Look for deep-fried Italian doughnut holes in the food court with chocolate dipping sauce. [Where to find: Big Cat Court near Gate A, Midway]*
  • Guernsey Ice Cream: Cool down with a local favorite Guernsey ice cream in two flavors: Blue Moon and Detroit Grand Slam. [Where to find: Big Cat Court near Gate A]*
  • Chicken Wings: It’s hard to go astray with chicken wings. These ones are smoked and marinated in a “spicy beer” sauce with celery and a choice of barbecue or ranch sauce on the side. [Where to find: Michigan Craft Beer near section 101]*
  • French Onion Fries: Continuing this year’s bizarre french onion theme, baseball fans can look out for fries topped with swiss cheese, caramelized onions, and zip sauce. [Where to find: Michigan Craft Beer near section 101]
  • Craft Beer Flights: Try three different seven-ounce pours of beer at the ballpark. [Where to find: Michigan Craft Beer near section 101]
  • Boozy Ice Cream Bars: Atwater Brewery’s Vanilla Java English-style porter and Decadent Dark Chocolate Ale are now served in ice cream bar form. [Where to find: Michigan Craft Beer near section 101]*
  • Chimichanga: Generally deep-fried items are a safe bet at the ballpark. This version of a chimichanga features barbacoa chicken with Monterey jack cheese, white cheddar queso, pico de gallo, sour cream, and lettuce. It comes with Spanish rice and black beans. [Where to find: Tiger Den Lounge near section 131]
  • Italian Sandwich: Snack on mortadella, capicola ham, salami, lettuce, tomato, red onion, banana peppers, and Italian dressing on a sesame sub roll. [Where to find: Miller Lite Pitcher’s Pub near section 104]*
  • Farm Field Table Moroccan Spiced Beef Sandwich: Ferndale butcher shop Farm Field Tables Ras el Hanout-rubbed beef is served with toum, pickles, onions, and olives on a roll. [Where to find: Corner Tap Room near section 115]*
  • Loaded Nacho Fries: These french fries are topped with cheddar queso, pico de gallo, jalapeños, and cotija cheese. [Where to find: Corner Tap Room near section 115]*
  • Garden Salad and Grain Bowl Jars: Eating a salad out of a paper boat at the ballpark is sort of awkward but it somehow makes a lot of sense to serve it in a jar. Stadium visitors can now purchase salads with veggies, cheese and ranch dressing and grain bowls with quinoa, lettuce, brown rice, farro, cheese, and veggies at Tigers Games. Just shake it with dressing and eat up. [Where to find: Grab and Go near section 140]*
  • Fruit Cups: Sure, pick up some sliced melon, pineapple, berries, and grapes at the game. [Where to find: Grab and Go near section 140]*
  • Packaged Snacks: Customers in need of a vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free alternatives can purchase Sabra hummus, guacamole snack cups, and Oh Snap Pickling Co. snacks at the stadium. [Where to find: Grab and Go near section 140]

* Eater picks **Eater does its best to confirm locations of specific items, but locations and items are subject to change.

Returning Items

Every year brings a new wave of stadium food options and only a handful generally make the cut (RIP Bratwurst Pop). At least one item from 2017 beat out the competition and is coming back for a third season:

  • Coney Dog Pizza: The Ilitch family also happens to own Comerica Park meaning Little Caesars Pizza is never far from reach. The chain’s pizza-coney mashup features a Detroit-style square pizza crust with chili for sauce, cheese, mustard, onions, and sliced hot dogs. The combination managed to win fans over in 2017 and is returning this year. [Where to find: Little Caesars locations at Big Cat Court and sections 115, 137, 217, 323, 334]

Gluten-Free and Vegan Options

Gluten-free food options are available throughout Comerica Park. They include the french fries, sausages and hot dogs (sans bun), popcorn, hummus and veggies, and more. For vegans, the options include Beyond Burgers, fruit cups, and salad in a jar (minus the ranch dressing). Many of the items from both of these categories are offered at the Grab and Go near section 140.

Happy Hour

New in 2019, Comerica Park is offering drink specials during the first hour after gates open of every home game on the Pepsi Porch including the Copper Craft Bar and Miller Lite Pitcher’s Pub. Patrons can expect 24-ounce Pepsi and Aquafina products for $3, 16-ounce Miller Lites and Coors Lites for $5 (the cost of a decent craft beer outside the ballpark), $5 cocktails, $5 Jumbo hot dog baskets, 1/4-pound burger baskets for $5, and $5 nachos.

Stadium Party Areas

Comerica Park has two reservable “party areas,” that were new in 2018. The Rooftop Deck has space for groups of 100 to 150 with views of the park overlooking the Pitcher’s Pub in right field. This spot offers a picnic menu with options like hot dogs, hamburgers, coleslaw, pasta salad, baked beans, potato chips, and Pepsi products. A smaller space called the Chevrolet Pavilion is perched behind section 148 underneath the scoreboard. It has a 65-person capacity and features a buffet with hot dogs, boneless chicken wings, Little Caesars pizza, vegetable spring rolls, and potato chips, Pepsi products, and beer.

Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Stadium Dining by Location

Big Cat Court: This food court features most of the stadium’s food in a central location with a variety of stands labeled for downtown, Mexicantown, Corktown, Greektown, Michigan State Fair, and Midtown. Expect options ranging from elephant ears and Guernsey ice cream to frozen daiquiris, gyros, and soft pretzels. [Near Gate A on Witherell]

Tiger Den Lounge: Specialty menu items. Limited access. [Section 131]

Beer Hall: It’s not exactly a craft beer wonderland, but they have way better options than the standard fare on offer throughout most of the park, so it’s worth checking out for Sierra Nevada, Oberon, Stroh’s, Leinenkugel, Atwater and the like. [Section 131]

Brushfire Grill: This is a better option for vegetarians, since they have black bean burgers, veggie dogs, and even a hummus plate, but they have plenty for the meat eaters too, like pork rinds, turkey legs, pulled pork, beef brisket, and the new chicken bacon cheddar sandwich. They even serve margaritas. [Big Cat Court and Section 131]

Blue Moon Brewhouse: The Upper Deck lounge features an air conditioned and heated seating area complete with a bar that’s open to the public. It offers bar snacks plus draft and bottled beers and liquor. [Section 329-330]

Tiger Club Bar/Dining: They have fancier drinks and a buffet, but the access is restricted, so it’s not a viable option for most fans. Limited access. [Enter at corner of Witherell and Elizabeth Street]

Michigan’s Craft Beer: Find a range of the usual ballpark suspects here from hamburgers to chili cheese fries and chicken fingers alongside draft beers, sodas, and shakes. [Section 104]

Miller Lite Pitcher’s Pub: This bar adjacent to Gate B offers options like bacon cheeseburgers, chicken pitas, salads, hummus plates, and garlic fries. There’s also a full bar with beer and liquor. [Section 104]

Beer Kiosks: Find draft beer and canned beer at these stops scattered around the ballpark as well as peanuts, pretzels, and non-alcoholic beverages. [Sections 101, 111, 117, 128, 136, 138, 145, 322, 333, 344]

Big League Grill: Visit these stands for the classics — hot dogs, kielbasa, nachos, ice cream, lemonade cups, and the all important peanuts and cracker jacks. They’re everywhere in the park. [Sections 108, 130, 143, 149, 151, 213, 325, 327, 331, 339, 343]

The Corner Taproom: The Corner Taproom debuted in 2015, replacing Leo’s Coney Island. One of the advantage of the bar is that it shares a liquor license with the ballpark so patrons can take a drink into the ballpark with them, rather than having to finish onsite. The restaurant features a bar menu with options like muffaletta and buffalo cauliflower plus more than 50 tapped and bottled beers. [Section 115]

Dippin’ Dots: Get those weird frozen ice cream pellets here. [Sections 129, 148, 151, 213, 334]

Daiquiris: THE place for frozen, sugary, boozy goodness also known as “Tiger Fuel.” [Sections 119, 131, 141, 330]

Hot Fries: This spot serves chicken tenders, corn dogs, chili fries, and french fry cups. [Sections 143, 150, 336]

Little Caesars: Cheese, meat, pepperoni, and veggies, this is all pizza all the time. [Sections 115, 137, 217, 323, 334, and in the Big Cat Court]

Nacho Kiosk: Find two styles of nachos here alongside hot dogs and Italian sausages. [Section 116]

Popcorn Kiosk: As the name implies there’s plenty of hot popcorn at this stop as well as cotton candy. [Section 138]

Grab-n-Go: Find 125 packaged items here including sandwiches, beer, soda, juices, whole fruit, yogurt, salads, and Germack snacks. There’s also healthier options like caprese salad and fruit cups. [Section 147]

Clarification: This story has been updated to clarify the timing of Home Run Happy Hour.

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