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Detroit Will Soon Have Its Very Own Spot for Sushi Pizza

The viral sensation Poke Burri is scouting locations in the city

Sushi pizza from Poke Burri in Atlanta.
Poke Burri/Foodistagirl [Official photo]
Serena Maria Daniels is the editor for Eater Detroit.

Once the floodgates of sushi burritos and poke opened, it was only a matter of time before other before Detroiters would be introduced to the world’s other trendy raw fish items. Enter Poke Burri, an emporium of sorts for all manner of Instagram-fueled seafood items from sushi pizza to sushi doughnuts that happens to be scouting locations for its next restaurant in Detroit.

The growing chain got its start in Atlanta as a food stall and has since gone on to open a restaurant in Raleigh, North Carolina. An additional location in Atlanta is in the works and the company also appears to be eyeing Boston, Denver, and Tampa for expansion. Now it seems that a Michigan outpost may be on the horizon. A representative for Poke Burri confirms to Eater that it recently signed a Michigan franchisee and is seeking space to open a restaurant in Detroit proper.

Poke Burri’s menu deals primarily in overstuffed sushi burritos and poke bowls, but the restaurants have also gained a following for sushi pizzas — a triangular-shaped piece of nori topped with the sort of fixings typical of a regular sushi roll such as fish, cucumbers, scallions, and spicy mayo. Also available are handheld sushi donuts made with O-shaped rice, rather than fried dough) as well as sushi corndogs and savory bits of poke stuffed into hollowed out pineapple. For dessert, the chain has also been known to offer Filipino-style ube ice cream sandwiches.

More than dishing out creations worthy of the ‘Gram, representative Seven Chan says Poke Burri is focused on serving quality, sushi-grade dishes that pay proper homage to the culture behind the traditional dish of poke. “We don’t want to appropriate Hawaiian culture,” he tells Eater.

This isn’t metro Detroit’s first foray into the world of hybrid sushi and poke. In 2016, Yuzu Sushi Co. in Royal Oak was the first to begin slinging sushi burritos in the area, followed earlier this year with the announcement that Blu Bar Sushi would be bringing ring-shaped rice and fish to Beverly Hills. Stay tuned for updates on Poke Burri’s Detroit invasion.

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