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Como’s Shuts Down for the Second Time Due to Health Code Violations

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Como’s blamed the cleanliness issues on employees

Brenna Houck is a Cities Manager for the Eater network. She previously edited Eater Detroit and reported for Eater. You can follow her on the internet at @brennahouck.

Como’s Restaurant in Ferndale closed down today for the second time in a year. During a hearing today Oakland County’s Food Service Appeal Board declined to reinstate its business license due to numerous repeated health code violations, according to Oakland County 115.

The restaurant located at the corner of Woodward Avenue and East Nine Mile Road had its license revoked on August 22 but had sought to have it reinstated during the hearing. During the appeal, an attorney for the restaurant tried keep Como’s open by offering shortened hours and a limited menu. He and manager George Grego also suggested that the food safety violations were fault of employees, many of whom were fired this week. However, commissioner Dave Woodward said that the lack of good help was “not an excuse” and the board voted unanimously to revoke the license.

In order to obtain its license again, Como’s will have to meet multiple stipulations set out by the board including keeping daily cleaning and food temperature logs.

Como’s previously had its license revoked in September 2016 due to severe health code violations such as soiled utensils and equipment and food stored at temperatures above the 41 degrees Fahrenheit required. A similar laundry list of issues with sanitation and food preparation also resulted in this most recent shutdown. Prior to last years closure, Como’s was also slapped with a 50-day liquor license suspension for serving a minor and bouncing a check.

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