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New Order Coffee Brings Cereal Milk Lattes to Brush Park Next Month

Two more cafes are in the works

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Brenna Houck is a Cities Manager for the Eater network. She previously edited Eater Detroit and reported for Eater. You can follow her on the internet at @brennahouck.

Incoming Brush Park coffee shop, New Order Coffee, is poised to bring Instagram-worthy cereal milk lattes to to the corner of Woodward and Watson Street in mid-July.

Elizabeth Rose, who previously operated the Roasting Plant in downtown Detroit and two fellow Roasting Plant alums Patrick Seeney and Tyler Martin are behind the project. They’re aiming to fill the niche between third wave coffee shops and quick-serve chains like Starbucks.

“We love all the craft coffee and how delicious everything is,” says Seeney, noting the numerous third wave cafes and roasters that have flooded downtown Detroit over the past several years. “[But] it's painful when you're standing behind someone who orders a pourover coffee and all of a sudden you're drink now takes six or seven minutes to get when you're in a hurry.”

New Order’s coffee menu is designed to feel like a hybrid of the two models. Like a third wave cafe, all the coffee used in the shop will be roasted in small batches onsite using an electric, fluid bed air roaster. The system will also allow customers to create their own roast at it’s “roast bar” — open weekends and afternoons at the shop. The menu also features items like pourovers, however the process is semi-automated thanks to a Modbar brewing system.

Brenna Houck

Rather than syrups, New Order’s team has developed a variety of flavorings for its coffees such as cereal milk, M&M chocolate ganache, and marshmallows with concentrated flavors like vanilla and caramel Cap’n Crunch. “We've probably steeped every type of cereal or dried fruit in milk that you can think of,” Seeney says. “You'd think that Fruity Pebbles and Fruit Loops would be the same in coffee. They're not.”

Designed by Kristen Dean of architecture firm et al., the shop spans 2,000-square feet in the space formerly home to Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe. The cafe seats roughly 60 people inside with an additional 24-seats on the the Watson Street patio. New Order also features a conference room with audio visual hookups.

New Order Coffee will offer seasonal specials like Crunch Berry marshmallow and Crunch Berry cereal milk lattes on its opening menu.
Brenna Houck

New Order’s owners are currently anticipating an opening close to July 15, though the specific date hasn’t been confirmed. After the cafe debuts, the company plans to begin transforming its Ferndale “coffee lab” (the space where New Order developed its menu) into a second location. It likely won’t be the last shop. The plan is “certainly to have three [cafes] in the next two years,” Rose says, “and we're looking at another suburban location a little farther up Woodward.”

Check out a sneak preview of the menu below:

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