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Inside Cake Ambition’s Charmingly Retro Detroit Bakeshop

The designer bakery debuts on May 4

Sweet slices and old fashioned candy await when forthcoming bakery, Cake Ambition opens its doors on May 4 in Cass Corridor. Owner Jessica Bouren was hard at work at the shop today putting the finishing touches on decorations and stocking the shelves.

Opening a cake shop and cafe has been a longtime dream for Bouren who has been operating her designer cake business out of the kitchen at Traffic Jam & Snug for three years. For nearly as long she had been eying the vacant storefront at 4154 3rd Ave. before eventually signing the lease.

Cake Ambition will be specialize in designer cakes and wedding cakes, but will also offer miniature “lightly decorated” cakes for walk-ins and cheesecake by-the-slice. Bouren tells Eater that she wants to keep the shop “cake-focused,” though there will be a small amount of lemon bars, scones, and other breakfast pastry items available for pairing with coffee. Assorted candies, located in jars behind the counter, will be sold by the pound and half-pound. Cake Ambition will also be stocked with an array of local products.

Bouren designed the look of the shop herself with pastel greens, yellows, and blues, paired with vibrant pinks. Painted cake pans decorate the walls, while a mixture to two-tops and bar seats fill out the space with chairs and stools upholstered in bright floral patterns. Photographers Michelle and Chris Gerard got a sneak peek of the space ahead of the anticipated opening. Take a look around the shop in the gallery below.

Cake Ambition is located at 4154 3rd Ave in Detroit; the shop opens from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday.

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