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Founder of Tonic & Juice Wants More Armenian Food in Detroit

Chef Julién Godman needs a successful Kickstarter first

Sample of Armenian fare
Tonic & Juice

Pop-up Tonic & Juice brings loose herbal tea and vegetarian cooking to the Detroit area. Now, owner Julién Godman wants to provide something more permanent to his fans. Godman wants to move into a commercial kitchen to begin packaging his teas for retail and to host bi-monthly Armenian cafe days in the space.

To accomplish this, Godman has created a Kickstarter campaign with the mission to “ ... better the health and wellness of Detroit and select cities by providing medicinal herbal teas, therapeutic cosmetics, vegetarian culinary popups, independent media and educational workshops.” He clarifies on the page that the company is “mission-based for profit” because “... Detroit ranks as one of the unhealthiest cities in America.”

Rewards for backers include Armenian cucumber seeds, tea packages, private Armenian feasts, and more.

The Tonic & Juice Kickstarter ends on Sunday, April 30.

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