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Look Inside Sleek La Lanterna — Open Again After Four Decades

Back from the dead and looking fine

Outside La Lanterna
Michelle Gerard

Today’s restaurant world lesson: it’s never too late for a comeback, as La Lanterna in Capitol Park is demonstrating with its opening today.

Edoardo Barbieri closed the doors on La Lanterna around four decades ago, and his grandson Eddie Barbieri is the one reviving it, along with a host of other family members.

They’ll be serving ten thin-crust pizzas in the downtown space with a focus on white (i.e. non-tomato based) pies, alongside pasta, salads, and more, all decidedly northern Italian.

The original LaLanterna!

Posted by LaLanterna on Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The sign may say Lanterna was established in 1956 but the booths and fixtures in the 2,000 square food space are modern and minimalist with touches like red-checked cloth napkins, and the red-tiled pizza oven adding a touch of warmth. La Lanterna opened today (April 12) at 3 p.m. — they’re serving dinner only for now, but will expand into the lunch market in the near future.

STATUS — La Lanterna is open at 1224 Griswold Street.

La Lanterna

1224 Griswold Street, , MI 48226 (313) 962-8821 Visit Website