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Polpetta Meatball Café Serves Sliders to Birmingham

Teeny sandwiches

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Owner of Brooklyn Pizza, Sam Abdelfatah, recently expanded his reach in downtown Birmingham with the opening of Polpetta Meatball Café at 126 South Old Woodward Ave. Oakland Press talked with Abdelfatah about the urge to serve small balls of meat, plus vegetarian options, to Birmingham and he said with the recent popularity of the dish, he thought it would be a hit. The restaurateur asked his Italian mother-in-law for help with the recipes.

In addition to beef sliders, Polpetta also offers chicken, a vegetarian choice with parmesan sauce, salads, and Israeli and Egyptian-influenced sides, all with a New York influence (where Abdelfatah resided before Birmingham).

The first Yelp review for the restaurant isn’t great, but with only one entry on the home critic site, it’s difficult to judge just yet if Polpetta will be a hit with its meatball slider concept.

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