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Corktown’s UFO Factory Plans Rehab For Condemned Building

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The bar has not set a reopening date

A fissure on the north side of the UFO Factory on August 2, 2017.
Andrew Priest
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Several months after construction workers damaged the side of its building, the UFO Factory in Corktown is set to begin the process of rebuilding this week. Bar owner Dion Fischer revealed the good news on Instagram on Sunday writing “#ufoupdate probably starting the very very very beginning of rehab/rebuild early next week!”

The watering hole located at 2110 Trumbull Ave. was declared hazardous and unsafe for occupancy by city inspectors in August. Construction crews working on the surrounding Elton Park development smashed through the footings on the bar’s north wall causing a fissure to open along the length of the building.

At the time of the incident, some fans of the bar questioned whether the damage may have been intentional citing a longstanding feud between Elton Park developer Soave Enterprises and the UFO Factory owners.

In a statement to Metro Times today, Fischer says “We have gone thru the process of assessment via our insurance company, we have hired a contractor, and if all goes well we will start the process of shoring up the building to make it safe/get the condemnation order removed.” There’s currently no specific timeline for the reopening.

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