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This Awesome All-Local Market & Cafe Could Be a Corktown Game Changer

The Farmer’s Hand plans to open at 1701 Trumbull St

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The Farmer’s Hand, coming soon to Corktown
The Farmer’s Hand

A new Corktown concept The Farmer’s Hand is heading to 1701 Trumbull Street, with an aim to be Detroit’s first all-local, women-owned market and cafe. Founders Rohani Foulkes and Kiki Louya plan to follow an alternative grocery model in which local farmers and producers can earn a living wage “with 70 cents of every dollar sold going directly back to their pocket.”

Besides Honey Bee Market and EL Supermarcado there aren't many grocery stores near Corktown and no small grocers within the historic neighborhood with the exception of seasonal farmers markets, so The Farmer’s Hand should be a great addition.

Even more exciting, plans include a prepared foods counter and meal boxes with ingredients for making a fresh meals at home (a la Blue Apron, but local). A pop-up at The Vintage Market on September 15 will showcase an array of breads, pastries and more of what’s in store.

Check out The Farmer’s Hand on Facebook and Instagram, or help them open their doors via a donation right here. Projected opening date is unknown at this time.