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Critic: La Rondinella Serves ‘Sunday Dinner Worthy’ Italian

Plus, reviewers weigh-in on Spencer in Ann Arbor and Woodpile BBQ Shack

La Rondinella Gallery Michelle and Chris Gerard

Dorothy Hernandez finds laid-back Italian comfort foods at La Rondinella: "The salt cod fritters were spot-on: huge chunks of fish enveloped in a perfectly fried exterior and served with a well-balanced salsa verde aioli, while the meatballs — accompanied by bright marinara sauce and ciabatta (ask for extra) — were Sunday dinner worthy," the critic writes. Hernandez also recommends the pollo agrodolce with "sweet and sour" notes and "just a touch of spice." The gluten-free chickpea flour crepe "is hit or miss." [Hour Detroit]

Serena Maria Daniels takes a Texan to Woodpile BBQ Shack in Clawson: "Our dining partner (who hails from the heart of Texas barbecue Country) was thrilled by the charred, peppery bark from the brisket," the critic writes. "We were in love with the meatiness and smoky ring of the ribs, as well as the expertly shredded and juicy pulled pork. We also dug into a pulled chicken sandwich that came out quite succulent." Daniels reports that the sauces are also satisfactory additions. [Metro Times]

Christopher Cook travels to Spencer in Ann Arbor: "The food at Spencer is bright, fresh, and often surprising," Cook writes. "A pot-au-feu of beef cheeks, turnips, and shiso [...] was the only slight letdown of the evening. There was nothing wrong with the cooking. The dish simply lacked any pep." However, the critic enjoyed the "crisp, warm pastry topped with delicately pungent wild mushroom duxelles to which fresh thyme had been added," alongside the roasted bone marrow and frisee salad. [Hour Detroit]

Woodpile BBQ Shack

East Tacoma, Clawson, MI 48017

La Rondinella

2453 Russell Street, Detroit, MI

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