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Dr. Pepper Swaps 40K Bottles Of Water For Twitter Handle; Why Detroit's Pizza Is Square

Plus, Burger 21 opens in Novi.

There's a historical reason behind this cheesy, crispy crust.
There's a historical reason behind this cheesy, crispy crust.
Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

PIZZA WIRE – The Atlantic’s CityLab took a deep dive into the history of Detroit’s signature square pizza, which owes its origins to (what else) the auto manufacturers. The blue steel tray, now a ubiquitous part of the city’s pizza scene, has everything to do with creating that crispy, caramelized crust that makes Detroit pizza famous. [CityLab]

DEARBORN – Diana Hussein, a Dearborn resident who luckily scored the Twitter handle @DietDrPepper, has used her social media skills to benefit people in Flint still left without clean drinking water. Originally, when Dr. Pepper discovered that Hussein owned the handle for their diet drink, they offered company swag in exchange for the handle. Instead, Hussein asked them to donate water – more than 40,000 bottles – to the Eastern Michigan Food Bank. [Detroit Metro Times]

NOVI – Florida’s Burger 21 officially lands in Michigan next month, as the restaurant’s outpost in Novi plans to open on Monday, April 18. The Tampa-based chain will serve up its signature Cheesy Burgers alongside free swag bags on opening day, with one lucky patron scoring free burgers for a year. [PR Newswire]