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Oberon Arrives, Illegal Seahorses, Halo Burger at the Palace, and More Intel

Mini news bites from around town


BEER HERE —€” In case you somehow forgot, spring is here and so is Bell's Oberon. Happy Oberon Day. [EaterWire]

EATER IDK —€” Strange but true, the Detroit Metropolitan Airport TSA found some unexpected (and illegal) ingredients hiding in a traveler's bottle of booze: five endangered seahorses. Michigan Fish & Game confiscated the dead seahorses. [Instagram/Metro Times]

NEWS —€” Construction crews are leveling the old Honest John's location near Belle Isle. [Daily Detroit]

SPORTS —€” Flint-based chain Halo Burger has launched its first olive burger slingin' sports arena outpost at the Palace of Auburn Hills. [Crain's]

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