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Drink Alone at These Detroit Bars on Valentine’s Day

Where to belly up at the bar on Black Sunday.

Michelle and Chris Gerard

Valentine’s Day aka Black Sunday is black_sunday__1__smaller.0.jpg just a few days away. Maybe you don't have a date or you're simply not into the ooey gooey Sweet Heart candy dappled holiday with its pricey prix fixes. If this accurately describes your sentiments towards February 14 then hop onboard.

From zombie-filled Walking Dead watch parties to haunted hangouts, the city offers plenty of bars to drown those sorrows or, better yet, celebrate your glorious singlehood. Here are five spots to check out across Detroit on Black Sunday.


Ghost Bar at the Whitney

While couples romantically dine downtown, sip on a "Witching Hour" martini and bask in the fact that at least you’re not David Whitney Jr., haunted by the ghost of his first wife Flora.

Image credit: Facebook


Atwater Biergarten and Tap House

While you may not be "going steady" yourself, the new grapefruit IPA of the same name is new on tap at Atwater's newest beer hall and ready to be enjoyed no matter what your relationship status may be.

Image credit: Courtesy of Atwater



Keep your mind off the holiday at either location by getting sucked into their many massive flatscreens. The Detroit location will be showing the Red Wings-Bruins game, while the Shelby Township location will be hosting a Walking Dead viewing party. Nothing dampers romance quite like high-sticking and brain-eating.

Image credit: Facebook


Bronx Bar

Keep it cheap and romance-free at Detroit’s quintessential dive bar is the place to be. Throw back a beer and a shot, slam a burger, and rock out to music on the old jukebox — just make sure it's nothing too sappy.

Image credit: Flickr


Bobcat Bonnie's

It's pretty much impossible to feel lonely while with the ultimate one-man game: pinball. Order a cocktail; perhaps the Bonnie, with Ole Smokey Moonshine, Bulleit Bourbon, blackberry simple syrup, fresh lemon juice. The sweetness will surely cut your bitter feelings towards everyone around you.

Image credit: Michelle and Chris Gerard