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Detroit Food Writers Remember the Saddest Closures of 2016

From St. Cece’s to eve the restaurant

Facebook/Cafe Con Leche
Brenna Houck is a Cities Manager for the Eater network. She previously edited Eater Detroit and reported for Eater. You can follow her on the internet at @brennahouck.

As is tradition at Eater, we close out the year by surveying local food writers and our own staff on various restaurant-related topics, and we've been publishing their responses throughout the week. Readers, feel free to share your thoughts below. Next question: What was the saddest closure of 2016?

Aaron Foley, Editor, BLAC Magazine:

St. Cece's was a bummer. Although it'll be exciting to see what'll happen in the next few months when Lady of the House opens, most of my best Corktown memories — including post-parade corned beef — were made here.

Serena Maria Daniels, Dining Editor, Metro Times:

Café con Leche in Southwest Detroit was a huge loss for the neighborhood.

Dorothy Hernandez, Managing Editor, Hour Detroit (co-owner of Sarap Detroit):

St. CeCe’s and eve in Ann Arbor.

Melody Baetens, Features Reporter and Bar/Restaurant Columnist, Detroit News:

St. CeCe’s will probably be missed the most. El Zocalo in Mexicantown, too. I’m probably alone in this, but I was sad to see Daily Dinette come and go so quickly and I miss the downtown Detroit Olga’s. It was also sad to see the end of places like Peabody’s and Hogan’s that have been open for decades.

John Reyes, Ann Arbor Contributor, Eater Detroit:

eve the restaurant. The long-awaited return of Eve Aronoff to the fine dining scene was short-lived due to flood damage. The original plan was to re-open within a month or so, but it is now closed indefinitely as they search for another location.

Lexi Trimpe, Food Writer, Freelance/Hour Detroit:

My heart really broke when the Daily Dinette shuttered. Less than a year and no more milkshakes topped with doughnuts? Say it ain’t so, Ferndale.

Kat Rembacki, Editor, Core Detroit:

Rubbed — I really miss the Purple Kid.

Mark Kurlyandchik, Restaurant Critic, Detroit Free Press:

The saddest closing for Detroit was probably El Zocalo. There's always a sense of loss, a chipping away of a neighborhood's identity that happens when a place that's been around that long shutters. When that story broke, there was an outpouring of memories from folks who'd been dining there for 30 years. It was really heartwarming, but sad, too. That place helped Mexicantown become what it is today and now it's gone.

Seoung Lee, Social Media Influencer, Chow Down Detroit:

I’m really sad that St. Cece’s Pub closed its doors. It was one of my favorite places to hang out and I am hoping they will reopen somewhere else soon.

Nick Britsky, Cocktail Expert, Freelance:

Restaurants close for a reason but it’s always sad to see one go. I work directly over Au Cochon and frequented it. There is a lack of solid French restaurants and there were some tasty plates and drinks on that menu.

Brenna Houck, Editor, Eater Detroit:

I was personally bummed about Cafe con Leche in Southwest. I spent so much time there when I first came to the city and was looking forward to visiting more when I moved into the neighborhood in the spring. St. Cece’s was also a sad one. I’m certainly missing Daily Dinette’s milkshakes.

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