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Watch: How Urban Farms Are Bringing Fresh Produce to Detroit

FYI turns the lens on agriculture in the Motor City with a new documentary

Over the weekend, lifestyle channel FYI turned the lens on Detroit’s urban agriculture scene with the premiere of a new documentary Farming Detroit. The hour-long film follows a series of different farms around the area including Brother Nature Produce, Burnside Farm, MUFI, Central Detroit Christian Farm and Fishery, Buckets of Rain, and HUDA Clinic and Urban Garden. Filmmakers look at how each farm operates and services the community in a different way from Brother Nature’s relationship with local restaurants to Buckets of Rain’s involvement with the homeless shelters.

The number of farms included limits the amount of time spent actually discussing the inner workings of agriculture, the deep history of urban gardening in the city, and some of the challenges associated with farming in Detroit. However, the documentary does broach topics of white privilege and class and how they influences the overall gardening movement in Detroit. See for yourself by watching the full documentary above.

Farming Detroit [Youtube]

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