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HRC Ate at Miller’s Bar, Sarah Palin Gets Heckled at Town Pump Tavern, and More Election Mania

A roundup of all the pre-election pandering in metro Detroit bars and restaurants

Miller's Bar sign
Miller’s Bar in Dearborn.
Rick Mandel/Flickr
Brenna Houck is a Cities Manager for the Eater network. She previously edited Eater Detroit and reported for Eater. You can follow her on the internet at @brennahouck.

If you haven’t realized already, Michigan has become a central focus of both presidential campaigns. As explained by Vox, our state’s 16 electoral votes are very much in play and a key component that could help candidates win the Oval Office on Tuesday. We at Eater have been carefully tracking the election madness all season long as it pertains to restaurants, bars, and the food industry as a whole but it’s become particularly nuts over the past several weeks. Here’s a roundup of all the crazy campaign stops you may have missed in the 72(ish) hours since our last update.

— Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton made a burger stop at old-school favorite Miller’s Bar in Dearborn after headlining a Get Out the Vote rally in Eastern Market on Friday afternoon. While some patrons snapped photos with the candidate, others patiently waited outside until the commotion had passed. According to The Detroit News, her team ordered burgers to-go.

A few of my friend's at the legendary burger bar in a Dearborn, Michigan - Miller's. #HillaryClinton

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Had to wait till Hillary finished her Burger last night at Miller's

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— Former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin spoke with pundit Bill O’Reilly on Fox News during an interview taped at the Town Pump Tavern in downtown Detroit. According to The Detroit Free Press, approximately a dozen Trump supporters came out to the Tavern to see Palin, however several passersby also pounded on the window with one apparently telling the one-time Vice Presidential running mate, “I have no respect for you.” Someone then reportedly sprayed something into the bar that made patrons cough.

Here’s a clip of Palin’s interview with O’Reilly:

— Former President Bill Clinton, who practically lives in metro Detroit restaurants at this point, made yet more unexpected campaign stops on Sunday. This time Clinton visited Dearborn to engage with the Arab-American community. The would-be First Man toured Super Greenland Market and James Beard America’s Classics award winner Al-Ameer Restaurant. "Most of the talk was about the food," Dearborn attorney Majed Moughni tells The Detroit Free Press. "About how many items sold to the Middle Eastern community, like the stuffed squash, a favorite homemade dish."

Never seen my staff so excited lol #justanotherdayatalameer

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Bill Clinton came to Alameer today!!

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— Donald J. Trump’s son Donald Trump, Jr. made a campaign stop at Rub BBQ Pub in the Grand Circus Park area of downtown Detroit on Monday afternoon.

Came across this while walking Dru... #downtowndetroit #puremichigan #trump

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The polls officially open tomorrow and we can finally put presidential elections to bed for another four years. If you still have questions about the ins and outs of voting in Detroit, Curbed has created a guide for your convenience. Plus, don’t forget to celebrate with a drink after casting your ballot. These area bars and restaurants are hosting Election Day parties, with specials on food and drink.

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