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Inside Sheila’s Bakery, a Pastry Temple in Springwells

Look around the shop on an typical Tuesday

The first thing that strikes the senses as you step into Sheila’s Bakery is the smell of caramelizing sugars and flour, the scent from hundreds of breads, cookies, and cakes just beyond the threshold. A Mexican pastry institution in Southwest Detroit’s active Springwells neighborhood, the shop is a destination for a quick breakfast snack and a coffee as well as a special occasion.

Past the piñatas, fridges of frosted cupcakes, and frozen mangonada cups, customers grab red plastic trays and metal tongs. Meandering past the many racks and brightly lit bakery cases, they load up on all manner of fresh pan dulces — seasonal pan de muerto, chocolate-dipped orejas, gingerbread cochinitos, and more.

Photographers Michelle and Chris Gerard paid a visit to Sheila’s on a typical Tuesday morning in October when the bakeshop was well into its daily rush. Customers gazed through glass and piled up their flavors of the day. Take a tour of this sweet treat shop in the gallery below.

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Sheila's Bakery

2142 Springwells Street, , MI 48209 (313) 841-8480

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