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Ferndale's Upcoming Black Owl Gets a New Name: Otus Supply

The new project from the owners of Toast will debut this winter.

The future Otus Supply
The future Otus Supply
Brenna Houck

The future Ferndale gastropub from the owners of popular breakfast spot Toast has a new name: Previously dubbed Black Owl, it will now be called Otus SupplyThe Detroit News explains that "a naming conflict with a Kalamazoo cafe caused owners to look for a new name. (Otus is a genus of owls.)"

Expect unusual-sounding "circular doorways," a chef's table, and a rooftop garden. Owner Thom Bloom tells the News the menu "will be influenced by the Great Lakes" and feature "nose-to-tail butchering" and "a lot of pickling." There will be two bars, one focused on whiskey and the other showcasing craft beer. The bar and restaurant will also incorporate a live music venue; Bloom says they're modeling it after the original House of Blues "before Live Nation got a hold of them.”

The long-awaited project was originally expected to open in Spring 2014, but construction was delayed until this past spring; Otus Supply is now expected to open "before the winter holidays."