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What's Next for the Addison Eatery Space in Brush Park?

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Say goodbye to red velvet waffles.

Addison Eatery
Addison Eatery
Chris and Michelle Gerard

Addison Eatery is closed after less than a year in business. The Brush Park restaurant enjoyed positive reviews when it first opened, but apparently its red velvet waffles weren't enough to keep it afloat. The eatery stopped updating its Facebook page in late May, and a rep for Midtown Detroit Inc. confirms the closure.

Its proximity to ongoing M-1 rail construction was no doubt a factor; the owners told Model D last year that they were hopeful the eventual progress would benefit Woodward Ave. businesses, but currently the restaurant space is completely inaccessible to vehicles thanks to the construction.

Will another restaurateur be brave enough to try their hand in the same space? Stay tuned.

Pho Lucky — Midtown

3111 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI