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Eater Cheap Eats Week Starts RIGHT Now

Time to celebrate Detroit's best inexpensive bites.

Taqueria El Rey.
Taqueria El Rey.
Michelle and Chris Gerard

Every so often here at Eater, we take a week to indulge in a specific genre. Burgers? Check. Classics? Check. Cocktails? Check. No food or dining experience is off-limits. Now it's time to focus on those wonderful everyday bites that fuel us through the day while keeping green in our pockets: It's time for Cheap Eats Week 2015.

This week, in addition to our normal Detroit dining coverage, we'll feature maps, interviews, photos, and other content that puts the spotlight on inexpensive and delicious food experiences in the city. So tune in regularly, chime in with your favorite cheap eats in the comments, enjoy. Cheers.

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