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Pig & Whiskey Festival; National Celebrates Anniversary With 50-Cent Coneys

Plus reviews, restaurant openings, and more.

Mesa Tacos & Tequila.
Mesa Tacos & Tequila.
Brenna Houck

ZOMG BBQ — Ferndale's favorite festival is rolling into town once again next weekend. July 17-19th, Pig & Whiskey shuts down Troy street in anticipation of the area's most delicious barbecue and whiskey collaborations. It's also a great opportunity to check out Woodpile BBQ Shack. [Facebook/Metro Times]

DEAL FEED — In celebration of 50 years of dogs, National Coney Island is treating its customers to 50-cent Coneys this Tuesday. Minor catch — no carry-out. Dine-in only, but the generous, five hot dog limit makes it all worthwhile. [Detroit News]

WEEK IN REVIEWS — No better timing for some flavor-infused life into Royal Oak's restaurant scene. Since opening in June, Mesa Tacos & Tequila's open storefront has been full of patrons munchin' down tacos and sippin' on sangria, mojitos and margaritas. Critic Molly Abraham gives the newcomer 2.5 stars. [Detroit News]

OPENING REPORT — West Bloomfield's newest pizza joint, ACCD (Annabel Cohen Cooks Detroit), holds its official grand opening tonight. Try their signature styles or craft your own Neapolitan pizza, but tonight, don't fret — the pizza is on the house. [Free Press]

CARTWIRE — Where the people are, the food will follow. Downtown Detroit's revival has brought with is a swarm of new food trucks and pushcarts to help meet the demand of the lunchtime rush hour. Metro Detroit is friendly to franks, with plenty of hot dog destinations to go around. [Free Press]

Annabel Cohen Cooks Detroit

2530 Orchard Lake Rd, Sylvan Lake, MI 48320 (248) 499-7320