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Detroit BBQ Company's Social Media Scandal Resurfaces Five Months Later

The internet never forgets.

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Detroit BBQ Company/Facebook

Five months after Detroit BBQ Company owner Tim Idzikowski stirred up big trouble with some Facebook comments, the controversy has been resurrected.

The situation initially erupted when Idzikowski posted what many viewed as anti-police sentiments following the murder of two police officers in New York. News of his comments spread far and wide, even spurring a public statement from Detroit Police Chief James Craig. Idzikowski made a tearful apology on Channel 7 and that was the end of that — or so everyone thought.

Per The Detroit News:

Kelly Terry-Willis of Southgate, sister of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry of Flat Rock, who was killed in the line of duty in 2010, wrote hours after Idzikowski's initial post: "No respect/sympathy for the murder of the NYPD Police officers ... my family will not be supporting his business. ... A Facebook response to Terry's five-month-old post Thursday evening rekindled the fire: "You're an idiot. I don't need your business. I'm booked fully through the end of November." The post was from the Detroit BBQ Company Facebook page.

"I didn't even post that," Idzikowski tells the News, insisting it must have been one of his employees.

Detroit BBQ Company's Yelp page is still feeling the effects of Idzikowski's original comments, with a rash of one-star reviews left in the days immediately following the initial controversy.

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