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Detroit's Food Industry Experts Reveal Their Favorite Burger Chains

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Because chefs eat fast food too.


Craig Leickfelt, Chef, Guns + Butter:

"Rally's (not Checkers) — because it's delicious and the Banana Flavored Shake is aaaamazing."

Tony Piraino, Partner/Owner, Firebird Tavern:

"Boy...I'll go with Telway (fantastic at 2:00am)."

Owen Burke, Partner/Owner, Firebird Tavern:

"In-N-Out burger is the best. Double Double with fries is the best shit in the world."

Jenn Tilton, Executive Pastry Chef, Morning Glory Coffee & Pastries:

"Five Guys"

Hubert Yaro, Food Runner, Craft Work:

"In-N-Out Burger because what's good enough for The Dude is good enough for me. We need an In-N-Out Burger in Detroit, if Dan Gilbert is reading this please bring them to our city!"

Eve Aronoff, Executive Chef, Frita Batidos:

"I'm a big In-N-Out Burger fan."