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5 Burger Chains That Should Come To Detroit

Five burger chains that should set up shop in the Motor City.

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Shake Shack.
Shake Shack.
Wikimedia Commons
Brenna Houck is a Cities Manager for the Eater network. She previously edited Eater Detroit and reported for Eater. You can follow her on the internet at @brennahouck.

We asked in the forums and while some Detroiters say they don't want chains, here are a five that might pass the bill in the Motor City.

1) Shake Shack: It was rumored in 2013 that the Manhattan-based Shake Shack was considering a move to Detroit, so why not make it official? This rapidly growing burger chain known for its quality beef would do well in the city, especially in downtown or Midtown. [Photo]

2) In-N-Out: It's probably a pipe dream, but who cares? Most commenters expressed a desire for this beloved West Coast chain. It's rare to see one of these burger shacks without a line of cars wrapped around the outside and into the street and the family-owned company has proved it can pop-up just about anywhere and people will go nuts. Drop one in Detroit and people will flock. [Photo]

3) Loco'l: California chefs Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson's plan to revolutionize the fast food industry with affordable, delicious, wholesome food — and that goes for the burgers as well. Choi and Patterson are working with Chad Robertson of San Francisco's Tartine to develop buns and plan to cut grains and tofu into their beef for a reasonably priced burger. Choi and Patterson already suggested Detroit as a possible location, following the opening of restaurants in San Francisco and Los Angeles. It would be interesting to see them build one in Brightmoor, where fast-food joints like McDonald's, Wendy's, Fish and Chicken shops, and the occasional Coney Island are just about the only restaurants around. [Photo]

4) Jack-In-The-Box: It might not be a game changer in the vein of Shake Shack or Loco'l, but Jack-In-The-Box is already serving in so many states it seems silly that they're not in our city. Plus that Sourdough Jack with curly fries is delicious (and the tacos, and the cheesecake...). This burger chain could probably set-up anywhere in the city and be at least as successful as Wendy's. [Photo]

5) The Counter: This newer fast-casual burger brand offers hormone and antibiotic free beef (plus bison burgers, house-made veggie burgers, and more), brioche buns, and high-quality ingredients. Plus, where else can you get a burger-in-a-bowl? They're quickly spreading around the world to countries like Malaysia and Saudi Arabia, so Detroit seems well within reason. Put the location in New Center or Brush Park — close to some major developments but still forging into less-saturated restaurant territory. [Photo]

Runners Up: Twisted Rooster, Little Big Burger, Moo Cluck Moo, Hot ‘N Now, Burgerville

We know you have more, please put those, and your qualms about the list, in the comments.