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Bon Bon Bon Plans World’s Longest Chocolate Box

Plus all the essential details on the second location.

Bon Bon Bon's new retail location opens April 16 in the Chrysler House building.
Bon Bon Bon's new retail location opens April 16 in the Chrysler House building.
Brenna Houck
Brenna Houck is a Cities Manager for the Eater network. She previously edited Eater Detroit and reported for Eater. You can follow her on the internet at @brennahouck.

For an outfit that's less than a year old, Bon Bon Bon has big plans. The company will see its second mini location debut next in downtown Detroit, recently appeared in the top shelf of Zingerman's Next Door, and is also planning to create the world's longest chocolate box by the end of this summer.

"We're going to do it in conjunction with the Riverfront [Conservancy]," owner Alexandra Clark tells Eater. "It will probably be on the Dequindre Cut and then we'll try it again someplace else that's more ambitious later."

Bon Bon Bon's chocolates come in clever, durable packaging made from corrugated cardboard that's cut to size allowing customers to purchase any number of bons. At the new retail shop, open six days a week in the Dime Building, customers will be able to pick up one or multiple bons while still getting the super fresh chocolate tasting experience in the form of the "Hot Mess."

"It's molten chocolate inside of the chocolate shell and then you pop the whole thing into your mouth," Clark explains. "It's great. We call it a hot mess because it's hot, it's sometimes messy, But to also a really great Curative remedy when you are feeling like a hot mess because it just kind of makes everything all better.

Clark selected Kaitlin Antishin, a fellow economics major with restaurant experience, to manage the shop. Clark says she's excited to finally be giving her customers what they want "and what they really wanted was to be able to come in during the week." Bon Bon Bon's retail location opens April 16.

Bon Bon Bon Retail Shop

719 Griswold Street, Detroit, MI 48226, USA