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Chartreuse's Succulent Living Wall; Sister Pie Completes Their Counter

Also, updates on Pie-Sci and Norma G's Food Truck.

Owner Lisa Ludwinski spray paints lights for Sister Pie's bakery.
Owner Lisa Ludwinski spray paints lights for Sister Pie's bakery.

WEST VILLAGE — Since meeting their crowdfunding goal last month, Sister Pie's build-out is moving lightening fast. The bakeshop completed the bones on their counter last weekend, put in a window seat, spray painted some lights, made tiles for a service bar mosaic, picked out floor tiles, and still had time to bake cookies.

MIDTOWN — Chartreuse's owners offered a sneak peek of the restaurant's living wall in a recent Facebook post. Designed by Rust Belt artist Lady Lazarus, the living wall looks to be just a succulent as chef Doug Hewitt's food. It incorporates an up-cycled sheet of metal from The Rust Belt building's former inhabitant, Old Navy.

WOODBRIDGE — The team at Pie-Sci finally signed a lease last month on their future pizzeria space. The pair tell Eater, they expect to start building by spring.

DETROIT — Norma G's food truck is nearly complete. Owner Lester Gouvia offered pictures of the truck via Facebook and tells Eater he has submitted applications to join Downtown Street Eats in June and Eastern Market.

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